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What to Expect?

When used according to directions, this kit provides a durable, nearly invisible repair. However, there are a couple of limitations. CLICK HERE for PASTE VERSION.

The glaze on vitreous china and the porcelain-enamel on cast iron and steel vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from run to run. They also react differently than the enamel spray to different types of light – the spray may match better under some room lighting conditions than in others. SURFACE REPAIR enamel spray provides an acceptable match to all major U.S. fixture manufacturers' colors as named. However, we cannot guarantee an EXACT match to every fixture under all lighting conditions. A good repair will certainly look a whole lot better than the ugly chip you started with. Plumbing White (with hint of gray) is for “white” plumbing fixtures. Appliance White (bright white) is for “white” appliances and (bright White) fiberglass bath tubs. Biscuit/Linen, Bone/Almond (light tan) is for plumbing fixtures and/or appliances…color is the same.

When first applied, the gloss on the SURFACE REPAIR spray will approximate that on NEW porcelain-enamel or ceramic glaze. It may be shinier than an old, dull fixture, particularly one that has been scrubbed with abrasive cleansers. The spray will “wear in” with time and will tend to take on the texture of the surrounding material. For older fixtures, use SURFACE REPAIR’s High Gloss Clear Overcoat Spray, to restore to like new appearance..DO NOT CLEAN THE REPAIR WITH ABRASIVE CLEANSERS.DURABILITY: The spray dries hard, but not as hard as porcelain-enamel, which is basically glass. Particularly in kitchen sinks, where there is a lot of abuse to the surface, the spray may eventually wear off and have to be reapplied. In bathtubs and lavatories, the patch should last indefinitely. AGAIN – NO ABRASIVE CLEANSERS.

The finished repair is safe to approximately 350°F. This will be suitable for most areas of ranges and cook tops, but not right next to burners or just above the oven and broiler doors. If in doubt concerning the operating temperature of a specific area of your range or cook top, consult the manufacturer before attempting a repair.

*Multi-Tech Products Corp Porcelain-Enamel-Acrylic repair products conform to all Federal and State of California air quality standards, and contain no CFC's. Item descriptions, prices, and typographical errors are subject to correction by Multi-Tech Products Corporation.

If you should need any assistance, please contact us toll-free 1-800-218-2066 or email us at orders@multitechproducts.com.