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Bath Tub and Shower Non-Skid Application

  • Bath Tub and Shower Non-Slip / Non-Skid Application Kit for Acrylic, Gelcoat, Porcelain, Cast Iron, Tile and Fiberglass, slip resistant treatment
    $79.95 Choose Options Bath Tub Shower Anti Slip Coating
    Anti Slip Coating provides a slip-resistant surface to bathtub bottoms, shower bases, tile or concrete floors. Designed for applications where a patch area or a defined non-slip/anti-slip surface area is required to save...

Works on Acrylic Surfaces, Fiberglass Surfaces, Gelcoat Surfaces, Porcelain and Cast Iron.
Product FAQs:
Date Submitted: 01/12/2012
Submitted by: Captain Jay of Standard Bay Charters - Savannah, Georgia
"How do you think your product will work to recoat the worn non skid, diamond pattern surface of a boat's deck?"
This product works excellent for boat deck applications on gel goat. You can order this as clear coat or color. If there is not any damage or worn color to the FRP structure, the clear coat can be used. To cover repairs and worn gel coat, different colors are available. This application will give excellent adhesion, UV resistance and will be easy to clean. You will find that the application will have good texture with ample gripping for critical footing areas. The texture and product will roll out nicely giving an even application when using our supplied roller and roller cover. The will eliminate any brush or roller marks to the look of the application. For a professional look, the diamond pattern may have to be sanded to soften the diamond look in the gel coat. If the diamond pattern is deep or will not simply sand smooth prior to this application. Use our Poly Filler for repairs or to smooth out the divots prior to color non skid application. To prep the diamond pattern without removing the diamond look, use a scotch brite pad to roughen up the surface prior to the non slip application.
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