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Safety and Protection

  • 3M Safety Respirator
    $24.25 3M Safety Respirator
    3M Safety Respirator is ideal for use for a variety of applications including spray painting, pesticides, agriculture, construction and transportation. Can be used for spraying, brushing, or rolling oil or water based paint,...
  • Latex Gloves
    $12.30 Choose Options Latex Gloves
    Latex Gloves Box of 100 count. Available in the following sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
  • NonToxic Dust Mask
    $3.75 NonToxic Dust Mask
    NonToxic Dust Mask 6 count. Dust mask protects against non-toxic  dusts, powders, pollen and other common airborne particles.  This one-size-fi ts-all mask is perfect for home, factory, farm and garden use...
  • Safety Glasses
    $4.25 Safety Glasses
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Appropriate safety protection when handling, spraying, and applying solvents, coatings pastes fillers. When poor ventilation is anticipated a respirator is required for best protection. When grinding, drilling and buffing with power tools, safety glasses are required. When handling solvents for cleanup, mixing and pouring, gloves are required.

The products below will assist in the repair process utilizing the materials from and of our DIY Bathtub and Shower Repair Kits.